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Anthony has developed a number of business & community projects across Australia & Asia. He utilises his business & mindset skills to facilitate cross-cultural negotiations for business transactions & foster greater harmony.

He set up Cultural Harmony Now - an organisation that creates cross-cultural projects for greater social and economic benefit.

Many of the following projects were created for social & economic benefit and have received endorsement by prominent business and Government leaders throughout Australia & Asia.

Insight Management Forum (IMF) – Melbourne

The IMF was established to provide a series of breakfast forums including leading speakers sharing personal stories and life changing experiences. These forums were a platform to promote wisdom, new insights and explore solutions to create a more balanced model for success in business, health, family and relationships

Convergence 2016 – Health & Wellbeing Festival
Australia and Philippines

Convergence 2016 was a health and wellbeing festival held over two days and included a variety of exhibitors displaying unique products and services for the health of our body, mind and spirit. This event was a collaboration between Australia and the Philippines.

Calendar for Life – Australia and Asia

Bi-lingual publication that combined poems personally written by Anthony and matched with illustrations by children from schools in Melbourne and Asia. Calendar for Life was successfully launched in Melbourne, Singapore and Shanghai.

Where Australia Meets Asia
Where Australia Meets Asia

Subsequent cross-cultural publication of “Calendar for Life” with the objective of creating understanding and collaboration through poetry and art by school children in both regions. There were 15 schools represented from 11 countries & regions including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan.


Anthony has contributed a variety of articles for media channels in Asia and Australia. His articles predominantly pertain to self-development and business success.



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