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Bridgeworld International (BWI) was founded by Anthony Chiminello who combines his business and self-development skills to predominantly focus on mindset coaching for clients to achieve greater balance, freedom and success in their lives. His business roles also include trusted property advisor and cross-cultural project coordinator with more than 25 years’ experience across Australia and Asia

Independence, Experience and Integrity

Our Independence, experience and integrity has resulted in BWI being appointed as a trusted advisor on behalf of local and overseas clients for the following services.

  • Property Advisory: Buying, selling & consulting for real estate investment, development or owner occupation.

  • Business & Community: Developing and coordinating cross-cultural business / community partnerships for social & economic benefit.

  • Mindset Coaching: Guiding professionals including the implementation of a Positive Mindset Program for greater balance, freedom and progress in life.


Anthony Chiminello


Bridgeworld international Pty Ltd


Anthony was previously a Director of CBRE, a global real estate and investment services company where he specialised in the buying, selling and consultancy of commercial and residential properties in Melbourne and across Asia. He has also created a number of business and community projects for social benefit and acts as a mindset coach and mentor for professionals to gain greater balance, freedom and success in their life.



Anthony is a trusted advisor to assist local and overseas clients in building and maintaining wealth through property investment. His diverse skills, knowledge and experience have also given him the ability to successfully facilitate business partnerships between Australia and Asia for mutual benefit

Business and Community


Anthony has developed a number of projects involving business and community partnerships across
Australia and Asia for social and economic benefit. Many of his projects have received the
participation and endorsement by leaders in the business and Government sectors in both regions.

Mindset Coaching

Anthony assists professionals in developing a positive mindset to achieve their personal and business
goals. He periodically consults or provides programs which provide practical tools on how to improve outcomes on a personal and professional level.

Anthony also shares his wisdom on business tips and self-development by writing regular articles published in various media channels.

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