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Cultural Harmony

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This is a not for profit organisation initiated by Anthony Chiminello aimed at creating and supporting projects that promote cross cultural harmony. We engage business, government and the community to participate in various projects for shared success. Projects are developed to create the following outcomes:

  • Education – Exploring our social, economic and cultural diversity
  • Inspiration – Celebrating and sharing our diversity through literature, art, music, theatre, fashion and other forms of creative expression.
  • Engagement – Creating a platform for intercultural dialogue, understanding and collaboration for harmony and mutual benefit.


Where Australia Meets Asia

The above projects were developed by Cultural Harmony Now which include the production and launch of two publications. These initiatives combined poetry, wisdom and art by children from Australia and Asia promoting greater cultural understanding, collaboration and engagement.

Where Australia Meets Asia was recently launched in Melbourne and Where East Meets West was successfully launched in Melbourne, Singapore and Shanghai.

These projects received endorsement and support by the Lord Mayor for the City of Melbourne, businesses and many government representatives.

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