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Management Forums

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verticle speakers bannerWe are living in rapidly changing times therefore we need to harness collective wisdom , collaborate with each other and facilitate solutions that lead to a more balanced future on a personal and professional basis.    Insight Management Forum (IMF) was initiated in 2012 with the aim of creating a platform for professionals to share wisdom, gain new insights and explore solutions to create a balanced model for success in business, career, health and family.

Breakfast Forums

IMF provides a series of breakfast forums incorporating national and International guest speakers who share their story and life experiences on relevant topics and challenging concerns of our times. They are not training sessions or business lectures but provide an open and trusted environment for professionals to connect and share ideas.  


We constantly receive positive feedback by various participants in the government, business and community sectors. The benefits generally include the opportunity to share ideas and solutions in a trusted environment, ability to form supportive networks and gain invaluable wisdom for positive change. 


IMF is a not for profit concept initiated by Anthony Chiminello with the support of various individuals and alliances working on a sustainable model of sharing time, expertise, products or services for shared success.

Contact Details

If you would like to be included on the invitation list or require more information on how to actively participate then please contact;

Anthony Chiminello
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