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Long Term Relationships

Media Net – Feb 2014 International Property Consultant critical of our fast, short-term, shallow relationships with Asian property investors. Better to ‘Go Slow. Get to know,’ he says. Despite the rampaging investment in Australian CBD property by Asian investors, Melbourne-based, international property advisor Anthony Chiminello believes that we are not leveraging enormous untapped economical and […]

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Anthony Chiminello – talks about sharing and connecting

Life Again – Jan 2014 My understanding of business, regardless of what I do, is that I am basically a problem solver for my clients – that is, I assist them to achieve their objectives in a professional, ethical and efficient manner. In many instances, my clients have emotional as well as business needs, therefore […]

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Building Relationships

Property Observer Dec – 2013 Building relationships vital to dealing with Asian buyers: Anthony Chiminello With an influx of foreign investment interest in Australia, it is vital to bridge cultural differences for a smooth working relationship and successful business transactions. Melbourne property consultant Anthony Chiminello, who has had 15 to 20 years of experience dealing […]

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Australian Business Owner Launches Calendar For Life

ABC Website – Nov.2013 An Australian businessman has published a calendar to promote cross cultural understanding between Australia and Asia. Anthony Chiminello initiated the calendar to foster better relations between the two sides after being inspired by the Australian Government’s White Paper on Asia. The calendar features 52 poems accompanied with illustrations by school children […]

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